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Best Things To Do In Alicante In 1 Day 

Best Things To Do In Alicante In 1 Day

The Best Things to Do in Alicante in 1 Day – An Alicante Itinerary

I only have a day in Alicante, but that’s enough to see some cool spots! I’ll start with Santa Barbara Castle. It sits way up on a hill and the views of the sea and city are amazing in this “barrio”.

They open at 10 am and close at 8 pm, so there’s plenty of time to explore the costa blanca.

After checking out the castle, I’ll wander around the Old Town. The houses look like they’re from a fairy tale and there’s street art everywhere. For lunch or coffee, there are lots of little restaurants and cafes where I can sit outside in a beautiful plaza.

Then it’s off to stroll down the Esplanade of Spain. This walkway has over six million marble tiles laid out in patterns – super pretty! And yes, more places to eat or grab an ice cream along this promenade!

To chill before dinner, Parque de Canalejas is perfect — it’s got big trees by the water which makes it nice for a rest after all that walking.

There you go – castles, ocean views, yummy food spots – One day in Alicante can be busy but totally fun!

Santa Barbara Castle

Perched atop Mount Benacantil, Santa Barbara Castle dominates the Alicante skyline—a fortress steeped in history dating back to the 9th century. Whether you opt for a vigorous hike up the well-worn paths or prefer a leisurely ride in the elevator carved into the mountain’s side, reaching this iconic landmark offers panoramic views that simply can’t be missed.

Inside its walls, travelers can delve into ancient tales at the Museum of the City of Alicante (MUSA) and wander through rooms that whisper secrets of past civilizations.

Overview of the castle

Santa Barbara Castle is a real gem in Alicante. This old fortress sits on Mount Benacantil and looks out over the city and sea. I learned it’s been around since the 9th century! It’s like stepping back in time when you walk through its walls because there are so many stories hidden in its stones.

The best part? You can enjoy all this history without spending a penny – it’s free to get in.

The castle opens at 10 am, which is perfect for an early start to your day of exploring. If you hike up the trail, make sure you wear comfy shoes because it’s quite a climb! But the views from the top? Totally worth every step.

You can see everything – the city sparkles below, and the ocean stretches out as far as your eyes can go. And if hiking isn’t your thing, there’s an elevator that runs from Postiguet beach right up to the castle or drive up if you’ve got wheels with you.

Ways to reach the castle

Just above the city, Santa Barbara Castle stands tall on a hilltop. Many people visit this historical site to enjoy the views and learn about its past. Here’s how you can get up to the castle:

  • Take a hike: If you like walking and are up for a challenge, you can hike up to the castle. The path starts near Postiguet beach and offers scenic views along the way. Plus, it’s free!
  • Use the lift: An easy way to reach the top is by taking a lift from Postiguet beach. It’s quick and lets you save your energy for exploring the fortress.
  • Drive your car: You can also drive up to the castle if you have a car. There’s parking available, making it convenient for those who prefer not to walk or take public transport.

Explore the Old Town

Wander through the charming streets of Old Town Alicante, where every turn reveals vibrant houses adorned with intricate street art. Here, indulge in the local flavors at quaint restaurants and cozy cafes that dot this historic quarter, each offering a taste of authentic Spanish culture amidst its picturesque alleys.

Beautiful houses and street art

I love walking through the Old Town of Alicante. The streets are full of life with colorful houses that look like they’re from a storybook. Every corner has something special, like a fun mural or a piece of street art that pops out at you.

It’s easy to spend hours just looking at all the different designs and taking pictures.

The best part is finding small cafes tucked away between these pretty buildings. You can grab a coffee or some tasty Spanish snacks while enjoying the view. It feels really cool to be surrounded by history and modern art all mixed together in one place.

If you’re into cute places and creative stuff, this part of town should be on your list!

Restaurants and cafes

Walking from the colorful streets and art of Old Town Alicante, you’ll find plenty of places to eat and drink. The old town is alive with spots where you can sit down, relax, and enjoy good food.

  • Look out for cozy cafes tucked between the narrow lanes. They serve up delicious coffee and pastries, perfect for a quick snack.
  • Many restaurants here offer outdoor seating. You can people – watch and soak in the city’s vibe while enjoying your meal.
  • Tapas bars are everywhere. They give you a taste of local Spanish flavors with small, shareable plates.
  • For those who like sweets, ice cream shops and bakeries line the streets. They have treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth.
  • Seafood lovers rejoice! Close to the port, restaurants serve fresh catches of the day.
  • Dining in Alicante isn’t just about food; it’s an experience. Choose a place with live music for dinner to make your visit unforgettable.
  • If you’re on a budget, look for ‘menu del día’ signs. This means the restaurant offers a set menu at a reasonable price.
  • Thirsty for local wine or beer? Visit one of the many bars that specialize in regional drinks.

Visit the Esplanade of Spain

Stroll down the Esplanade of Spain, a vibrant waterfront promenade arrayed with mosaic tiles that mirror the waves of the Mediterranean. Here, under rows of palm trees, indulge in people-watching as locals and tourists alike amble by.

Take this moment to savor a refreshing gelato or dine at one of the many inviting restaurants boasting ocean views and delectable local cuisine. This iconic boulevard represents Alicante’s laid-back lifestyle, providing an idyllic backdrop for your afternoon wanderings.

Description of the promenade

I love walking along the Esplanade of Spain, with its millions of tricolor marble tiles shining under my feet. This waterfront avenue is a real treat for the eyes and lets me feel like I’m part of Alicante’s vibrant life.

Palm trees sway in the breeze as I wander down this beautiful promenade.

There are lots of places to eat or grab coffee here too. After enjoying tasty treats, I can head straight to Parque de Canalejas to relax among ancient rubber trees.

Restaurants and cafes along the promenade

Strolling down the Esplanade of Spain, you can’t help but notice the vibrant buzz around the eateries. With 6,600,000 tricolor marble tiles beneath your feet, this promenade is as stunning as it is lively with dining options.

  • Take a seat at one of the waterfront restaurants for a meal with a sea view. You’ll find fresh seafood on the menu and can dine to the sound of waves.
  • Enjoy al fresco dining in style. Many cafes offer outdoor tables where you can bask in the Mediterranean sun while sipping on local wine or coffee.
  • Promenade eateries are known for their variety. From Spanish tapas to international dishes, there’s food to suit everyone’s taste.
  • Dive into cafe culture along the esplanade. Charming coastal cafes serve up delicious pastries and cakes alongside aromatic coffees and teas.
  • Discover outdoor dining options that cater to every moment of your day, from early breakfasts watching the sunrise to late-night snacks under the stars.
  • Seaside restaurants often boast not just good food but also enchanting ambience, perfect for a romantic dinner or a relaxing lunch break during your explorations.
  • Savor esplanade cuisine that includes local Alicante dishes such as arroz a banda (rice cooked in fish stock) while enjoying views of palm trees and blue skies.
  • Dining with a view is an understatement here; every meal comes with picturesque vistas of both seafront and cityscape that enhance your dining experience.
  • Coastal cafes often feature live music or entertainment on weekends, making your meal more than just eating out—it’s a cultural experience!
  • Finally, boardwalk dining offers comfort in its casual setups where you can watch passersby and breathe in the salty air while enjoying tasty bites.

Parque de Canalejas

Nestled along the waterfront, Parque de Canalejas is Alicante’s oldest park, where age-old ficus trees expand their impressive canopies above walkers and whisper tales of the past to anyone who strolls beneath.

Overview of the park

Parque de Canalejas is a spot you shouldn’t miss in Alicante. It’s filled with beautiful greenery and offers a chance for some quiet time. After wandering through the buzz of the old town and strolling along the Esplanade of Spain, this park feels like a peaceful retreat where nature wraps around you.

You’ll see tall trees, pretty flowers, and paths that invite you for a walk or to find a cozy corner for a picnic.

This urban park has walking trails that are perfect for stretching your legs or just sitting back to watch people go by. It’s an outdoor space where city exploration meets relaxation—a recreational area ideal for everyone.

Kids can play around while adults enjoy the shade of ancient trees or simply take in the serene atmosphere. Come here to unwind after your day’s adventure in Alicante; it’s recommended as one of those must-visit places if you’re looking to balance sightseeing with tranquil moments close to nature.

Additional Tips for Traveling to Alicante

For invaluable insights on navigating Alicante smoothly, I’ve compiled some essential travel tips that will enhance your experience—from selecting the perfect accommodations to understanding local transportation.

Delve into these recommendations to make your Alicante adventure as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Ready to uncover more? Continue reading for a treasure trove of advice tailored just for you!

How to get there

I want to share how easy it is for you to get to Alicante. This city is not far from places like Valencia, and getting here is simple.

  • Fly into Alicante Airport, which has flights from many cities. From the airport, you can take a bus, taxi, or rental car to the city center.
  • Trains run to Alicante from different parts of Spain. The train station in the heart of the city links you to Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.
  • Buses are a good choice if you’re coming from nearby areas. They’re often cheaper than trains and bring you right into the central bus station.
  • If you’re driving, use highways like the A-7 or AP-7. These roads connect Alicante with other big cities along the coast.
  • Some travelers come by boat. The port welcomes ferries from several Mediterranean locations.
  • Once in Alicante, walking is great for short distances. The town is not too big, so many attractions are close to each other.
  • Public buses and trams can take you farther out if your feet get tired.
  • For more freedom, rent a bike or a scooter. They’re fun ways to see the sights and enjoy the warm weather.

How to get around

Getting around Alicante is easy and convenient. Here’s how you can explore the city and find your way to all the great places.

  • Take the tram: Alicante’s tram system is your best friend for getting around. It covers most of the city, so you can reach many attractions without a hassle. Just hop on, and you’ll be on your way to places like Santa Barbara Castle or the Old Town.
  • Ride the bus: The city has a bunch of bus routes that will take you wherever you need to go. Buses are reliable and often less costly than other options. Check out the schedules, pick a route, and off you go!
  • Catch a taxi: If you’re in a rush or prefer a direct ride, taxis are always around. They cost more than trams or buses but can get you to your destination quickly.
  • Walk around: Feeling active? Great! Alicante is perfect for walking. Many main sights are close to each other, so put on comfy shoes and discover the city up close.
  • Rent a car: Want to see places outside Alicante? Consider renting a car. You’ll have the freedom to visit nearby cities like Valencia at your own pace.

Where to stay

Traveling around Alicante is a breeze, but after exploring the city, you’ll need a cozy place to rest. Alicante has many spots where you can stay the night, from fancy hotels to budget-friendly hostels. Here are some options to consider for your trip:

  • Hotels with a view: Pick a hotel by the beach for stunning sea views. Imagine waking up and having breakfast while looking out over the ocean. There are plenty of hotels along the coast that offer this experience.
  • Hostels for friends: If you’re traveling with friends and want to save money, try a hostel. They often have shared rooms which make it cheaper and more fun because you meet other travelers.
  • Holiday apartments: For more space and privacy, rent an apartment. It’s like having your own home in Alicante. You can cook meals and relax just as if you were at home.
  • Historic stays: Stay in the Old Town if you love history and charm. The narrow streets are full of old buildings that sometimes have small hotels or guesthouses inside.
  • Luxury resorts: Treat yourself to luxury by staying at a resort with all the fancy things like pools and spas. It’s especially nice if you’re celebrating something special on your trip.
  • Budget options: Don’t worry if money is tight; there are budget hotels too. These places give you what you need without costing too much.

Best time to visit

Picking a place to stay is just the start. Now let’s talk about when you should pack your bags for Alicante. You’ll love that Alicante has nice weather all year long. I went there in winter and couldn’t believe how warm it was! It’s true, even during off-season months like December and January, you can explore the city without shivering.

The best time for a trip depends on what you like. If crowded places aren’t your thing, think about going in spring or fall. These seasons are perfect because there are fewer tourists, and the climate in Alicante is still great for walking around town or sitting by the sea.

Plus, visiting Alicante in winter means you might find better deals on hotels and see a different side of local life that summer visitors miss out on!


I had a blast exploring Alicante in just one day! From the amazing views at Santa Barbara Castle to chill vibes in the Old Town, there’s so much to see. Strolling down the Esplanade of Spain made for perfect photo ops.

And relaxing in Parque de Canalejas was the cherry on top. Trust me, you’ll love packing your day with these Alicante highlights!


1. Can I see the whole city of Alicante in one day?

Yes, you can see main attractions in Alicante in one day if you plan your time well.

2. What is a must-visit place in Alicante for a day trip?

The Santa Bárbara Castle is a must-see spot for great views and history on a day trip to Alicante.

3. Is there a beach I can visit in Alicante if I only have one day?

Yes, you can visit the beautiful Postiguet Beach which is close to the city center.

4. Are there any parks or gardens to relax in Alicante during my one-day visit?

You can relax at El Palmeral Park, which has lovely paths, waterfalls, and palm trees.

5. Where should I go for food when visiting Alicante for just one day?

Try visiting the central market Mercado Central or local eateries around Explanada de España for delicious food.

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