Discover The Best Hidden Speakeasy Bars In Las Vegas

Discover The Best Hidden Speakeasy Bars In Las Vegas

Las Vegas dazzles with its iconic Strip, but if your soul is hankering for a dose of intrigue away from the relentless glow of neon, you’re not alone. You might find yourself adrift in a sea of tourist traps, parched for just a trickle of mystery in Sin City.

Imagine this: hidden behind unassuming facades and accessible only to those with insider knowledge, Las Vegas harbors gems that resonate with the charisma of the Roaring Twenties. Nestled discreetly behind lush greenery lies Pier 17 Yacht Club—a speakeasy shrouded in exclusivity.

Fear not—the thirst for adventure can lead to discovery beyond the commonplace. I’ve journeyed into Las Vegas’s most covert nooks to gather a list so clandestine that it would make guidebooks blush.

Picture quiet doorways unfolding into realms where skilled mixologists weave their magic; envision password-protected havens where modernity seems light-years away.

Rest easy knowing my steadfast exploration will serve as your personal compass to unveil the best-hidden speakeasy bars Las Vegas has up its sleeve—each one offering an intoxicating slice of forbidden allure.

Brace yourself for surprises aplenty; we’re about to gently pull back the velvet curtain on an elusive world that beckons just beneath the surface.. Shall we embark on this voyage together?.

Key Takeaways

  • Las Vegas has many secret speakeasy bars with entrances hidden by things like phone booths and bookshelves.
  • To get into some of these bars, you might need a password which can sometimes be found on social media or from locals.
  • These speakeasies have unique vibes and serve exclusive cocktails that are special to each location.
  • Places like The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails take you back in time with live music and a Prohibition – era feel.
  • Finding these hidden gems adds an exciting adventure to your Las Vegas experience and offers rare drinks.

The Allure of Speakeasy Bars in Las Vegas

I love the mystery and allure that speakeasy bars offer. They take you back to the 1920s, a time when secret spots served drinks away from prying eyes. Las Vegas has caught on to this excitement.

Hidden bars here mix Prohibition era secrecy with Sin City’s fun vibe. You find yourself sipping exclusive cocktails in places with passwords and hidden doors. It’s like being part of an elite club.

These speakeasies are more than just places to drink; they’re an experience! Imagine entering through a barbershop or finding a secret button that opens a concealed door. The charm is timeless, yet every spot adds its own modern flair.

This blend creates captivating atmospheres where stories come alive and nights become memorable adventures in the heart of Sin City.

Top Hidden Speakeasy Bars in Las Vegas

Peering beneath the glitzy surface of Sin City, I’ve unearthed an array of clandestine watering holes where exclusivity and nostalgia reign supreme. Join me as we slip through the velvet ropes to discover the hush-hush haunts that promise an evening swathed in secrecy and vintage charm—Las Vegas’s top hidden speakeasy bars await.

The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails

I stumbled upon The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails hidden inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. It’s not your typical bar—it has a secret. At the front, you’ll see an actual barbershop where folks get trims and shaves.

But there’s more than meets the eye here.

Push past what seems like a janitor’s door at the back, and you’re swept into a Prohibition-era scene. This speakeasy buzzes with live music that adds flair to the vintage ambiance.

Their cocktails are top-notch, crafted with precision and care for those who find this covert spot beneath neon lights. Here in this swanky lounge, I enjoy an exclusive slice of history—the thrill is just as real as the secrecy of its location.

Visiting The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails is like stepping into another era—an experience filled with smooth jazz or blues and whispers of old-school charm in every corner. Don’t let its unassuming entrance fool you; step inside, grab a drink, and sink into that secretive speakeasy vibe Las Vegas does so well.

The Underground Speakeasy and Distillery

Step into The Underground Speakeasy and Distillery, hidden within The Mob Museum’s basement. It takes you back to the Prohibition era with its moody vibe and vintage touches. Enjoy handcrafted cocktails from a menu inspired by the 1920s.

Live music fills the air weekly, adding to an already vibrant scene.

This isn’t just a bar—it’s a trip through history. Discover how spirits were made in secret during Prohibition on a distillery tour. Interactive exhibits show off this fascinating time in America’s past.

Here, learning about history is as fun as sipping on a whiskey neat!

Ghost Donkey

I stumbled upon Ghost Donkey inside the Block 16 Urban Food Hall at the Cosmopolitan. This hidden gem offers a tequila and mezcal bar unlike any other in Las Vegas. With its menu bursting with Mexican flavors, it’s like stumbling into a secret fiesta.

Finding this place is part of the fun—tucked away in a back corner on the second level of The Cosmopolitan.

People rave about this spot, and I get why—it’s got an incredible vibe with a 4.5-star rating from visitors who’ve managed to locate it. If you’re hunting for something offbeat in Las Vegas nightlife, make your way to Ghost Donkey.

It promises an urban escape filled with spirited Mexican concoctions and an atmosphere that feels like you’ve been let in on one of Vegas’ best-kept secrets.

Easy’s Cocktail Lounge

Easy’s Cocktail Lounge sits secretly behind Easy Donuts Coffee and, a façade most people overlook. This premier speakeasy takes you back to the Prohibition era with its craft cocktails and house-distilled moonshine.

Its spot at Aria Resort & Casino adds to that exclusive vibe, making it a must-visit for anyone who loves hidden gem bars.

The lounge dazzles guests with live music and drinks that are more than just beverages—they’re showpieces. You’ll find me sipping on their carefully concocted potions, surrounded by vintage charm while soaking in the stealthy mood of this under-the-radar cocktail haven.

Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den

I stumbled upon a real hidden gem at Resorts World. Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den is tucked away behind Ms. Meow’s Mamak Stall, a small store in the Famous Foods Street Eats food hall.

You wouldn’t guess there’s an entire speakeasy behind those shelves! No need for secret codes or whispered passwords here, just walk right in to this laid-back spot.

Las Vegas has its share of secrets, but Here Kitty Kitty makes you feel like part of the in-crowd without trying too hard. It combines a secretive vibe with a chill atmosphere that keeps things fun and fashionable.

Drinks flow amidst playful decor, and the buzz of excited chatter fills the air—this covert drinking establishment is perfect for anyone looking to sip something exclusive while soaking up an underground bar experience.


Let me take you inside Datamosh, tucked away within Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart at Area15. This place is not your average bar; it’s a mysterious speakeasy that oozes style and character.

With eight unique cocktails, you’re sure to find a new favorite. Their Old Fashioned Spray catches everyone’s eye—it comes in a bottle that looks just like glass cleaner!

Exploring Datamosh feels like stepping into another world where creativity flows as freely as the drinks. It stands out among Las Vegas’ hidden bars for its imaginative atmosphere and exclusive drink menu.

Each specialty cocktail they serve adds an unexpected twist to your night out, making it an unforgettable stop on any tour of covert drinking spots in Sin City.

The Laundry Room

I discovered The Laundry Room tucked away within the Commonwealth bar. Only a lucky few get to sip drinks in this speakeasy, with just 22 seats available. You feel like you’ve stepped into another era, surrounded by an air of exclusivity and mystery.

Trust me, it’s more than just a night out; it’s a journey back in time where every cocktail tells its own story.

Finding this hidden gem is part of the adventure in downtown Las Vegas nightlife. I felt like I was part of an elite club as I entered The Laundry Room. With its top-notch reputation and stylish vibe, each visit becomes a one-of-a-kind experience that adds intrigue to Sin City’s already electrifying atmosphere.

Here, memorable drinking isn’t just promised—it’s delivered with flair and finesse.

1923 Prohibition Bar

Step into 1923 Prohibition Bar and you’re thrown back to the Roaring Twenties. Picture this: flapper dresses, feathered headbands, and the secret thrill of a hidden speakeasy. This bar is all about that classic bourbon-centric experience.

They serve up spirits that would make any whiskey lover swoon—think Bulleit, Four Roses, Whistle Pig—to name just a few.

Exploring Las Vegas means seeking out those mysterious spots that offer more than meets the eye. And let me tell you, 1923 Prohibition Bar fits the bill perfectly with two concealed locations in the city.

You’ll feel part of an exclusive club as you sip on handcrafted specialty cocktails surrounded by luxury and history. It’s not just a night out; it’s a step back in time to an era where every pour was hush-hush and every toast was an act of rebellion.

The Count Room

I found myself stepping into The Count Room with a sense of curiosity. Tucked away inside Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse at the Flamingo Hotel, this speakeasy is a marvel of mystery and style.

Dark wood panels and plush seating set the stage for an intimate night out. Here, you can sip on boozy cocktails or choose from the full dinner menu served in the steakhouse.

As one of Las Vegas’ top hidden speakeasy bars, The Count Room delivers more than just secrecy—it offers character. Each drink comes with its own story, adding to the exclusive feel of this clandestine spot.

You’ll find yourself surrounded by locals and tourists alike, all drawn in by whispers of this mysterious watering hole where drinks are poured with care and savory bites delight your palate.

It’s not just another bar; it’s a slice of history wrapped in modern luxury—a must-visit for any true speakeasy enthusiast in Sin City.

The Lock

I stumbled upon The Lock tucked away in the Horseshoe Hotel & Casino, and let me tell you, it’s a thrill to get inside. You need help from a locksmith to even find the entrance. That’s part of its charm—the secrecy adds to the excitement.

Inside The Lock, a hush falls over the crowd as they sip bespoke cocktails in low lighting. This exclusive speakeasy is one of Vegas’s gems where whispers turn into stories. Here, mystery meets luxury—it’s a confidential drinking spot that offers an experience straight out of an old-timey gangster flick.

Más Por Favor Taqueria y Tequila

Más Por Favor Taqueria y Tequila is a top-notch hidden speakeasy in Las Vegas that’s all about the thrill. Imagine finding yourself in an unassuming shopping plaza on Spring Mountain Road, only to discover a secret passage designed like a drug tunnel.

This concealed entrance leads you into a world of vibrant art, irresistible cocktails, and an impressive selection of tequilas.

Inside this covert establishment, I basked in the authentic dining atmosphere that comes with unmatched hospitality. It feels like striking gold—a surreptitious spot where each sip and bite transports you further into the heart of hidden Vegas luxury.

With secrets hiding around every corner, Más Por Favor stands out as part of the city’s undercover trend for those seeking an incognito tequila joint bursting with character.

Mike Morey’s Sip’n’Tip

I stumbled upon Mike Morey’s Sip’n’Tip and found a Las Vegas treasure. Hidden just off the Fremont Experience, it offers more than your usual speakeasy vibe. This place is tucked away in an alley, making you feel like you’ve discovered the ultimate secret spot.

Inside, you’re greeted with great service and prices that won’t break the bank.

Sip’n’Tip stands out because it doesn’t stick to typical speakeasy rules. They call it a “speak-UP,” which means the atmosphere is lively and laid-back. It’s got its own unique menu and feels looser than what you’d expect from a hidden bar-within-a-bar setup.

Definitely check out this intimate cocktail room for a distinctive experience in downtown Vegas!

Ski Lodge at The Cosmopolitan

I found a secret spot behind the busy scenes of Superfrico at The Cosmopolitan. It’s called Ski Lodge, and it’s where cozy meets cool in Las Vegas. Imagine an après-ski vibe tucked away in the heart of Sin City.

Here, you’ll find an atmosphere that feels like a mountain getaway complete with fine cocktails and tempting pizzas.

You need to know just where to look to get into this exclusive hideaway. People love the intimate setting and lively party mood it offers once inside. They say it’s one of Vegas’ top speakeasy bars for good reason.

A night out here isn’t your average bar hop—it’s an experience you won’t forget.

On The Record

Imagine finding a secret bar inside Park MGM, where the vibe thrills with echoes of nostalgic tunes. On The Record captures that love for vinyl records and blends it with an underground speakeasy feel.

You step through an unmarked door, leaving behind the glitz of Vegas, entering a hush-hush haven of music memorabilia and craft cocktails.

At this hidden gem, you’re part of an exclusive scene. It’s not just a lounge; On The Record is like discovering your cool uncle’s best-kept secret stash—a club within a club—complete with intimate booths and unexpected performances.

Every corner whispers stories from music’s past while bartenders mix up drinks that’ll have you dancing in no time. Here at On The Record, each night spins its own unique soundtrack to your Vegas adventure.

What Makes These Bars Unique

What Makes These Bars Unique?

Peek behind the unassuming facades and experience a world where the Roaring Twenties never faded—each bar is an ode to an era of mystery and elegance, offering not just drinks but a ticket to an immersive throwback in time.

From hushed whispers at secret entrances to custom concoctions stirred by undercover mixologists, these havens are like treasure maps for those seeking the clandestine charm of old-school Vegas with a twist.

Secret Entrances

I love the thrill of finding a secret entrance – it makes enjoying a night out in Vegas that much more exciting. Picture this: you’re standing in front of a candy machine, and with one correct move, it swings open to reveal a brick portal leading into an exclusive bar.

It’s like stepping straight into a scene from an old-time movie.

These hidden speakeasy bars take covert to another level. Imagine pulling aside red velvet drapes or gazing into arched bronze mirrors that magically transport you to plush banquettes and the clink of cocktail glasses.

Walking through these undercover entrances feels like you’ve been let in on one of Vegas’ best-kept secrets – because, well, you have!

Password-Protected Access

You need a password to get into The Lock at Horseshoe Las Vegas. It’s like stepping back in time or entering a secret club. Imagine whispering the secret words and the door unlocks to a world of exclusive cocktails and hushed conversations.

These password-protected spots are more than just bars; they’re an experience wrapped in mystery.

Getting that password might seem tough, but it’s part of the fun—like your own personal speakeasy quest! Talk to locals, check social media or even find clues inside other bars for hints.

Once you have it, you’re in for an adventure that feels both exclusive and intriguing. Remember, don’t share it too freely; these passwords change often to keep the mystery alive!

Vintage Ambience

Step through the door of a Las Vegas speakeasy and time travels backward. Jazz music floats in the air, mingling with laughter and clinking glasses. Walls are lined with nostalgic decor that whispers stories from long ago.

Plush antique furnishings invite you to sit back and savor a traditional mixology masterpiece.

Every sip from vintage-inspired drinks is like tasting history. Art deco design shines around, giving off Prohibition era vibes that add old-fashioned charm to your night out. A visit here isn’t just about enjoying exclusive cocktails; it’s about immersing yourself in an historic ambiance where every detail has been crafted to take you back to the thrilling 1920s style bar scene of Las Vegas.

Exclusive Cocktails

Las Vegas speakeasies offer drinks you won’t find anywhere else. Each bar has its own special mix of flavors and spirits. At The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails, they serve up unique cocktails that surprise your taste buds.

You’ll sip on custom concoctions made by expert bartenders.

Ghost Donkey is a treasure trove for tequila and mezcal lovers, with one-of-a-kind libations crafted from rare ingredients. Head to 1923 Bourbon Bar or the Jalisco Underground at Resorts World for exclusive beverages you can brag about back home.

These bars don’t just pour drinks—they create experiences in every glass.

Tips to Gain Entry to Las Vegas’ Hidden Bars

I always keep an eye out for hidden entrances. They might look like phone booths, bookshelves, or even janitor’s doors. Getting into these secret spots often requires a password. If you’ve done your homework, whispering the magic words will get you past the velvet rope.

Here’s a little-known tip: follow the bars on social media! They sometimes give out clues or passwords there. Also, making friends with locals can pay off; they usually know how to get into these exclusive places and may share secrets with tourists who show genuine interest.

Talking to your hotel concierge isn’t a bad idea either – they’re often in the loop about hidden gems in Vegas.


Las Vegas hides many secret speakeasy bars, each with its own charm. From the mysterious paths leading to Pier 17 Yacht Club to the vintage vibes of The Laundry Room, there’s a hidden spot for everyone.

Remember, gaining entry often needs a password or special knowledge. Discover these gems and you’ll find rare cocktails and unforgettable nights. Dive into this adventure; let Las Vegas’ speakeasies surprise you at every turn!


1. What makes a bar in Las Vegas a speakeasy?

A speakeasy in Las Vegas is often a hidden or secret bar, giving you that cool, exclusive vibe.

2. Can anyone visit these speakeasy bars?

Yes, most speakeasy bars are open to the public; just remember, they can sometimes be tricky to find!

3. Are there any famous drinks I should try at a Vegas speakeasy?

Sure thing – many Vegas speakeasies serve up classic cocktails with a twist; don’t miss those!

4. Do I need to dress up to go to a hidden speakeasy bar?

It’s not always required, but dressing sharp can add to the fun of your swanky night out.

5. Will I need reservations for these secretive spots?

Sometimes you do—it’s smart to check ahead; these places fill up fast!

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