Things to consider when visiting Egypt

Things to consider when visiting Egypt

Embarking on an adventure to Egypt, with its ancient pyramids and the majestic Nile River, is a dream for many travelers. But before setting foot in the land of pharaohs and hieroglyphs, it’s crucial to know that tourism here comes with a unique set of rules.

Many visitors are eager to explore this historic nation but often feel anxious about committing cultural faux pas that could turn their trip sour.

One key fact tourists should always remember: Egypt is steeped in traditions, and respecting local customs isn’t just polite—it’s expected. This blog post will serve as your guide to avoid missteps while enjoying everything Egypt has to offer.

From dressing appropriately to understanding tipping etiquette, we’ll cover all you need not do for a memorable and respectful Egyptian journey. Keep reading; you might be surprised by what you learn!

Key Takeaways

  • Research Egyptian culture and pack modest clothes to respect local customs.
  • Hire a guide for historical sites, use a currency converter app, and book Nile cruises early.
  • Tip appropriately, haggle prices politely, and avoid public displays of affection in Egypt.
  • Stay informed about safe locations to visit and avoid talking about politics or religion.
  • Don’t show off wealth or waste food; be mindful of the weather and bring necessary medicines.

Preparation for Your Trip to Egypt

Researching the culture and country is essential before visiting Egypt. It’s also important to pack culturally appropriate clothing and book a Nile cruise early to avoid missing out on this popular attraction.

Hiring a guide for certain tourist sites can enhance the experience, and using a currency converter app will help with financial transactions.

Research culture and country

Learn about Egypt before you go. Find out what local customs, traditions, and taboos are important to respect. This country has a rich history and unique culture that you will want to understand.

Remember, Egypt is an Islamic country; showing respect for its religious practices and norms is key.

Read up on Egyptian etiquette. Know how to dress modestly, especially at religious sites. Also learn about everyday behaviors that might differ from what you’re used to. Avoid public displays of affection or drinking alcohol in the streets as these can offend people around you.

By being informed, your visit will be more enjoyable and respectful for everyone involved.

Pack culturally appropriate clothing

Respect local customs by wearing modest clothing in Egypt. Research and pack appropriate outfits to cover shoulders, chest, and knees, especially when visiting religious sites. Be mindful of the weather and plan to dress comfortably yet respectfully.

Avoid revealing or tight clothing to show cultural sensitivity and avoid causing offense.

Book Nile cruise early

Secure your Nile cruise early to guarantee availability and the best rates for this popular tourist activity in Egypt. Planning ahead ensures that you can select the ideal itinerary, duration, and amenities offered by the cruise.

By booking in advance, you also have a better chance of securing a preferred cabin or suite on board, allowing you to fully enjoy this iconic experience along one of the world’s most historic rivers.

Maximize your travel experience by reserving your Nile cruise early, giving yourself peace of mind and ample time to organize other aspects of your trip while looking forward to an unforgettable adventure on the beautiful Nile River.

Hire a guide for certain tourist sites

When visiting certain tourist sites in Egypt, it’s essential to hire a guide. A knowledgeable guide can provide valuable insight into the historical and cultural significance of these locations, enriching your overall experience.

Additionally, having a guide can help navigate through the complexities of different customs and etiquette at these sites.

Respecting local traditions and understanding the significance of religious sites is crucial for tourists. Hiring a guide ensures that you gain an in-depth understanding of these cultural nuances while also promoting respectful behavior towards the country’s customs and traditions.

Use a currency converter app

Before traveling to Egypt, download a currency converter app to easily manage the local currency, Egyptian pounds (EGP). This will help you avoid confusion and ensure that you are not overcharged when making purchases or negotiating prices.

Understanding the exchange rate will make your transactions smoother and save you from potential misunderstandings. By using a reliable currency converter app, such as XE Currency or OANDA Currency Converter, you can stay informed about the current conversion rates and confidently manage your expenses while exploring this vibrant country.

To respect local customs in Egypt, travelers should be mindful of financial transactions and well-informed about handling Egyptian pounds. With a simple tap on your smartphone, keep track of the exchange rates at various locations and make informed decisions during your time in Egypt.

Cultural Etiquette and Behavior in Egypt

When it comes to cultural etiquette in Egypt, tourists should be prepared to tip for good service and haggle for prices when shopping or taking taxis. It’s also important to be mindful of the attention you may receive as a tourist, and to respect local customs and traditions, including avoiding public displays of affection and being aware of religious sensitivities.


When visiting Egypt, it’s important to be aware of the tipping culture. In restaurants, a 10-15% tip is customary for good service. Tour guides and drivers also expect to be tipped, so budget accordingly.

Additionally, hotel staff may appreciate a small gratuity for their services.

Making use of a currency converter app can help in determining appropriate tipping amounts as per local standards. This ensures that tourists show appreciation without over or under-tipping due to unfamiliarity with local customs.

Haggling for shopping and taxis

When shopping in Egypt, be prepared to haggle for prices as it is a common practice. Use your negotiation skills but always remain polite and respectful. Similarly, when taking taxis, make sure to negotiate the fare beforehand to avoid any confusion or overcharging.

It’s essential to be assertive yet courteous during these interactions, keeping in mind that haggling is part of the cultural experience in Egypt.

Being prepared for attention

Prepare for attention in Egypt by dressing modestly and respectfully as it aligns with local customs. Avoid attracting unwanted attention by being cautious about public displays of wealth or affection, so you can experience a comfortable trip.

Respect cultural differences and be understanding of the curious locals who might approach you due to genuine interest.

Be culturally aware to handle the occasional stares from locals with grace and respect, knowing that it’s part of the unique experience while visiting Egypt. It is essential to stay courteous and composed even when feeling overwhelmed by the attention you may receive, creating a positive interaction with locals during your travels.

Being mindful of public displays of affection

Public displays of affection are generally not accepted in Egypt. It is important to be mindful and respectful of local customs by refraining from kissing or hugging in public. This cultural sensitivity helps tourists avoid causing discomfort or offense to locals, contributing to a more positive and pleasant experience for both visitors and residents alike.

Understanding the cultural norms around public displays of affection is crucial when visiting Egypt as these actions can be considered inappropriate and disrespectful. By being aware of this fact, tourists can show respect for the customs and traditions of the country they are visiting while also fostering positive interactions with the local community.

Respecting religious sensitivities

Dress modestly while visiting religious sites in Egypt. Show respect by covering your shoulders and knees, and remove your shoes when entering mosques. Do not take photos inside the prayer halls or during prayer times.

Be mindful of your behavior and avoid any disrespectful gestures or loud behavior near religious monuments.

Avoid public displays of affection, especially around religious sites. Refrain from physical contact with the opposite sex in public areas to show cultural sensitivity. It is important to be aware of local customs and traditions regarding religious practices and behave accordingly while visiting Egypt.

Avoiding Scams and Potential Risks

Researching safe places to visit and avoiding discussions on politics and religion are crucial for tourists in Egypt. Being aware of the weather and packing appropriate medicines is also important to avoid potential risks during your trip.

Researching safe places to visit

Before traveling to Egypt, it is crucial to thoroughly research and identify safe places to visit. Tourists should consider the current safety situation in different areas of Egypt and stay updated on any travel advisories or warnings.

Utilizing reliable sources such as official government websites or trusted travel agencies can provide valuable information about the safety of specific regions within Egypt. Additionally, seeking advice from locals, tour guides, or hotel staff can offer insight into safe and recommended destinations for tourists.

It’s important to prioritize personal safety by being well-informed about the places that are secure and suitable for exploration.

Ensuring a memorable and enjoyable trip to Egypt involves being proactive in researching safe locations to visit while respecting local customs, traditions, and cultural sensitivities.

Avoiding discussions on politics and religion

Respect the cultural sensitivities of Egypt by refraining from engaging in discussions about politics and religion. It’s essential to recognize that these topics can be sensitive and divisive, so it’s best to steer clear of them.

Instead, focus on enjoying the rich history, breathtaking sites, and warm hospitality that Egypt has to offer.

Remembering to avoid discussing politics and religion while in Egypt is crucial for showing respect towards the local customs and traditions. By steering clear of these topics, tourists can help ensure a more harmonious and enjoyable experience in this beautiful country.

Being aware of weather and packing appropriate medicines

Check Egypt’s weather before your trip to pack suitable clothing.

Pack sunscreen, insect repellent, and any necessary medications for your travel.

Additional Things NOT to Do in Egypt

Showing off wealth is not advisable in Egypt, as it may attract unwanted attention and potentially make you a target for theft. It’s also important to be mindful of wasting food, as it can be seen as disrespectful in Egyptian culture.

Showing off wealth

Resist flaunting expensive belongings while in Egypt. It’s important to be mindful of your surroundings and avoid drawing unnecessary attention by showcasing valuable items. This helps to minimize the risk of becoming a target for theft or scams, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable trip for tourists in Egypt.

Wasting food

When dining in Egypt, make sure to order only what you can finish to avoid wasting food. Respect the local customs and conserve resources by consuming your meal entirely.

Remember not to take more than needed, as leaving uneaten food can be seen as disrespectful and wasteful. Follow the practice of taking only what you can eat when dining out in Egypt to show consideration for the culture and environment.

Disrespecting local customs and traditions

Ignoring local customs and traditions can lead to cultural misunderstandings. Modest dressing, especially when visiting religious sites, is crucial. Being mindful of the Islamic culture’s importance in Egypt is essential for a respectful and safe experience as a tourist.


In conclusion, respecting Egyptian customs and traditions is crucial when visiting. Maintaining cultural sensitivity ensures a positive experience for both tourists and locals. By being mindful of etiquette, travelers can avoid potential misunderstandings and show respect for the country’s heritage.

Implementing these practical tips can lead to a smoother, more enjoyable trip to Egypt. Understanding the do’s and don’ts will contribute to a respectful and safe visit while embracing the rich culture of this ancient land.

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